Managed Services/Project Based Support

At Premier FDA Solutions, we provide scalable solutions to fit your teams and projects. With our Managed Service/Project-Based Support, one of our FDA compliance experts will step in to manage a focused team, a specific department, or an individual project from start to finish. We will work based on your needs to provide tailored expert service and support based in the Life Sciences industry. Their goal is to ensure quality and regulatory compliance for the life science industry. These experts are here to work with you, no matter how extensive or how focused your team, department, or project needs may be. 

A combination of FDA Compliance Expertise & Management Skills

With our exclusive Life Sciences focus, a member of our large group of FDA compliance experts is able to provide you with subject-matter talent and expertise in addition to assisting you with your managing needs. You might struggle to find this combination of FDA compliance knowledge and life science experience elsewhere. Our FDA compliance experts share our mission of ensuring the quality and availability of life-saving and life-enhancing products to those in need and will keep that focus at the front of mind when managing your team, department, or individual project. 

If you are a quality assurance manager, director, or CEO and have an upcoming project or task that your current staff will not be able to fully accommodate or autonomously direct, our Managed Services/Project-Based Support will easily fill that gap. You can hire one of our FDA compliance and industry experts to work on a specific project from start to finish or to take on managerial duties of a team, department, or project.  

Our Managed Services/Project-Based Support is ideal for when you have a project or task but do not currently have the in-house talent or experience required to complete it. Our exclusive Life Sciences focus ensures we have the subject matter expertise and experience your life science industry project requires. No matter what the scale, our industry-specific experts will help you get your team or department in order or your project delivered in a timely, efficient, and budget-friendly manner. 

Efficient Needs-Based Solutions

These Managed Services/Project-Based Services are what we call “right-sized.” They are temporary with our FDA compliance experts employed on a project basis, meaning you can hire one of these managing experts for a specific project, not necessarily long-term or outside of that project focus. This service allows you to focus on the success of your teams and departments and completion of individual life sciences projects without unnecessarily increasing your employee headcount in the long run. Our Managed Services/Project-Based Support also takes the hassle of vetting and interviewing potential employees out of your hands. 

Whether you are looking for someone to manage an entire department, guide a team, or oversee a project from start to completion, our knowledgeable FDA compliance experts will work to ensure your project is delivered on time. Contact us today to discuss your Managed Services and Project-Based Support needs.